The BESTY Awards were created to showcase the BEST of the Coosa Valley. It’s important to think local, shop local, and support local. That’s the goal behind this poll — for you to help submit entries of the best local businesses in different categories.

Every two weeks, a new poll category will be generated. For one week, a submission process will be held allowing you to enter your favorite choice. After the entry process is complete, a new poll will be open for votes. At the end of the week, the poll will close and the winner will be declared. The winning business will receive a banner to hang up displaying it was the recipient of the BESTY Award for its particular category. Entries below were submitted by readers like you.


Where is the best salon/barber shop?

Best Wings (July 28 – Aug. 12, 2018, Poll Winner): Doug’s BBQ

Best Burger (July 14-27, 2018, Poll Winner): Jack’s Family Restaurants

Best Barbeque (July 1-13, 2018, Poll Winner): August’s Barbeque

Best Pharmacy (June 15-29, 2018, Poll Winner): Marble City Pharmacy

Best Sweet Tea (June 8-14, 2018, Poll Winner): Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant

Best Pizza (June 1-7, 2018, Poll Winner): Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant